slimmingIII+ Loss weight RF roller vacuum body slimming & shaping beauty equipment

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Short Description:

Slimming III+
Body slimming & weight loss machine
Body slimming/body shaping/fat reduction/
Skin tightening/ face lifting/ stretch mark removal
Four technologies: Vacuum suction+infrared light (IR)
Mechanical Roller+ Mono-polar & Bipolar RF
Four different sizes handles for different treatment areas

Product Details


Before & After

Loss weight RF roller vacuum body slimming & shaping beauty equipment


Treatment Theory

Combines the Mono-polar & Bi-polar Radio Frequency(RF), Infrared Light .Vacuum and Mechanical Roller. The precise  heating of RF ensures safe ,effective,fast treatment without downtime. Vacuum and specially designed rollers for the Mechanical Message smooth the skin to  facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. It increases the metabolism of stored energy and lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat cells and fat chambers.



1. Belly/face/neck/arms/legs/haunch slimming                             

2.Stretch marks removal effectively                       

3.Body sculpting and skin tightening                                 

 4.Tighten skin and increase skin elasticity                 

 5.SPA/Increase blood vessel elasticity/Relive muscle tension/Promote blood circulation




Features & Advantages

1.Special pump ensures more stable vacuum output,longer lifetime and less noise.         

2.The infrared light is professionally designed by PHILIPS with better effect of dissolving fat,therapeutic,collagen shrinkage and regeneration. 

3.Special design of detachable roller and inner filter is easy for cleaning.                       

4.Dual mono-polar RF hand pieces for fat dissolving are better than Bi-polar,which effectively avoids skin burning and blister.                            5.Cooling RF(Bi-polar and Mono-polar) functions are optional.                   

6.Injection Module shell,exquisite appearance.




Model name: slimmingIII+

Handpiece 4
Handle type XF-I++/XF-VII++/XF-VIII/XF-IX
Roller speed ≤20R/min
RF frequency 2.64MHz
RF output powder ≤120W
IR power ≤20W
IR wavelength 700-2000nm
Negative pressure flow ≤140L/min
Negative pressure intensity ≤-0.09Mpa
Vacuum suction frequency I-IV adjustable
RF power I-IV adjustable
Power supply AC200-240V 50-60HZ Max6A AC100-120V 50-60HZ Max3A
Gross weight 50kg
Net weight 40kg
Dimensions 56*56*128cm³