808Cute 1200w high power 808nm diode laser micro channel for permanent hair removal machine

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Short Description:


808nm Diode Laser for hair removal
1200W Micro-channel diode laser
Big spot size: 12mm*23mm
6mm treatment tip for small size
Portable SHR permanent hair removal machine

Product Details


Before & After

1200w high power 808nm diode laser micro channel for permanent hair removal machine


Treatment Theory

808nm wavelength laser penetrates deeply into skin and can be absorbed by the hair follicle effectively which leads to thermal damage and realizes effective hair removal.



1. Hair Removal

2. Skin Rejuvenation


Features & Advantages

1. Fashion type & Cost-effective, convenient for transportation;
2. Professional and effective on all skin colors hair removal treatment;
3. 1200w 808 cute achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment;
4. Micro channel for cooling system,it is more comfortable and safe during treatment.
5. 12.1 inches latest touch display screen big and convenient to operate the machine;
6. Diode Laser system has strong cooling systems, water cooling+ air cooling+ Semiconductor Cooling;
7. Big Spot Size: 12*23mm and 1-10 HZ high frequency in motion treatment can be realized to make sure the machine can do large area hair removal treatment in short time.



Model name: 808Cute


Model Name Specification 808Cute
Wavelength 808nm
Laser type 808nm diode laser
Laser power 1200w
Energy density ≤220J/c㎡
Spot size 12mm*23mm
Pulse width 5-300ms
Frequency 1-10HZ
Treatment handle FH-05
Cooling semiconductor,water,air cooling
Power supply AC110/220V±10%,50Hz-60Hz,10A
Dimensions 67*55*86cm³
Gross weight 50kg