We made a glorious victory in 2019, We let the legend continue in 2020 - HONKON Laser


The three-day year-end promotion was successfully concluded at our company HONKON! During the three days, HONKON’s total sales once again broke the record, leading the domestic beauty e-commerce industry, and the machines were sold all over the world, which showed HONKON’s brand strength!


Whether in the total sales of the various platforms, or product category covered, HONKON did the best in the year’s end promotion to achieve a comprehensive lead, Such impressive results is inseparable from the “highly competitive” products, which launched successively by the HONKON company.
As a world-renowned professional medical and aesthetic equipment supplier, HONKON has been involved in 808nm Diodo Laser Hair Removal, 1064nm Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser, 10600nm CO2 (Fractional) Laser, HIFU, OPT, Body Slimming, Facial Cleaning…HONKON’s equipment is the best choice for both home use and salon use.
After 2019, we believe that HONKON will bring more surprises to us. The success of HONKON will also attract more consumers. In 2020, a brand new year, we look forward to seeing HONKON continue to shine on the international stage!