Ulove01-plus HIFU face lift skin tightening wrinkle removal body slimming beauty salon equipment

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Short Description:

HIFU Face Lift and Body Shaping machine
Face lift/skin tightening/wrinkle removal/body shaping
One treatment handle: one 1.5mm+ two 3.0mm + two 4.5mm + one 13mm cartridges
Anther handle for around eyes: one 1.5mm+ one 3.0mm + one 4.5mm cartridges

Product Details


Before & After

 HIFU face lift skin tightening wrinkle removal body slimming beauty salon equipment


Treatment Theory

HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound technology) works by generating continuous thermal coagulation point (the temperature reaches to 60-75 degree),causes collagen denaturation,leads to collagen remodeling,reconstruction of skin reshaping of body.
Stage 1, Collagen denaturation- immediate lift seen within less that 2 mins of treatment in this stage due to collagen denaturation and collagen contraction.
Stage 2, Neo collagenesis and collagen remodeling,this period lasting for 3 to 6 months



1.Skin tightening: Shrink the forehead skin, eye bays, decree wrinkle, mouth wrinkle, double chin
2.Wrinkles removal: Forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, lip wrinkles, neck wrinkles
3.Improve Photo-aging: Improve skin elasticity, face lifting.
4.Body anti-aging:Recover skin elasticity,body anti-aging



Features & Advantages

1. Best temperature protection: Temperature can be controlled about 65-70C°which suitable for collagen effectiveness denaturation .Ulove-01plus will not damage the skin
2. Accurate depth: Energy accurately focus on deep tissue ,no effect on facial skin ,good efficacy and better protection of the skin surface.
3. Accurate position: Using the most accurate and patented “Positioning indicator line”. It can accurately locate the energy point.
4. Fast treatment: Per treatment course only takes 40-60min. No recovery period.
5. Various treatment heads optional.



Model name : ulove01-plus

Model Name ULove-01plus Standard Handle HF-06,HF-07
Energy 0.1-2.2J/cm2 Line Half , Full
Focus Depth 1.5mm/ 3.0mm/
4.5mm/ 13mm
Line Range 1mm
Interval between each dot 1.2mm/1.5mm/
Frequency 2MHz,4MHz,7MHz
Line Length 5-25nm
Interval 1.0-4.0 Adjustable
Step 1.0mm
Screen Size 12.1 Inch TFT Touch LCD Power Supply AC220V±10%
Dimension 70cm*80cm*115cm Net Weight 35kg