1550CH 1550nm Er:bium Glass Fractional laser anti-aging wrinkle removal and skin resurfacing

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Short Description:

1550nm Er:bium Glass Fractional Laser
Skin resurfacing/wrinkle removal/ acne scar removal
Skin tightening /pigment lesions

Product Details


Before & After

1550nm Er:bium Glass Fractional laser anti-aging wrinkle removal and skin resurfacing

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Treatment Theory

The Er:bium glass fractional laser adopts fiber laser with 1550nm wavelength and installs a CPG which is arranged in a matrix scanning output,emitting a 50um-80um spot through a high focusing lens.The target tissue is water in the dermis,forming matrix-like holes(0.12mm) around the focal spot penetration directly.The penetration depth of these small spots is about 2mm.At this point the normal tissues surrounding tiny holes generate heat bridges which starts the wound rehabilitation reaction and thermal effects between scarfskin and dermal tissues,then experiencing inflammation phase,proliferation phase,remodeling phase.Cosmetic lotion can be applied into the wound for rehabilitation one hour after the irritation.



1. Large pores,fine lines,skin tightening and whitening,skin loosen,stretch marks

2. Acne scars

3. Pigmented skin lesions: Melasma,freckles,age spots,sun spots, CAMLS.

4. Reconstruction of photo-aging skin

5. Wrinkles caused by sunlight or early aging wrinkles on lower eyelid,fore lip and crow’s feet.



Features & Advantages

1. The target tissue is water,no skin type limit(Fitzpatrick I-VI).

2. The output spot diameter is 50-80 um,less thermal ablation and deeper penetration,less side effects.

3. Random scanning avoids thermal damage caused by heat accumulation,reducing the pain of the treatment.

4. IPG 30W(1550CH),20W(1550CH+) laser device ensures deep penetration and long life time. 



Model name :1550CH

Laser type Germany laser Pulse energy 10mj-200mj(step 2mj)
Laser Wavelength 1550nm Pulse interval 1ms-100ms(step 1ms)
Laser power 30W Output Graphics Triangle/square/
DIY graphics
Output mode CPG Beam Delivery System Fiber
Pulse width 0.067ms-6.7ms Spot density(/cm2) 6*612*1218*1824*24
Spot Size 50μm-2000μm continuously adjustable Scanning Area(/cm2) 1*12*23*3
Scanning Mode Sequential/Randomized Cooling Mode Wind
Dimensions 53cm*79cm*143cm Gross Weight 50kg