Choose A Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

How to choose a diode laser hair removal machine? This is what we hope you learned in the post! We will take some mystery out for those who are ready to purchase a diode laser hair removal machine, especially for the less technically mined of salon owners currenty looking at adding a diode laser hair removal machine to their business.

A short description about diode laser hair removal 

What is diode laser hair removal?

Diode laser hair removal machine is a laser that produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light. The laser beam is well absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles. During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the energy and heat up. As it heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged which significantly impedes its ability to re-grow. And with the large spot size, the process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously, making the treatment much faster than traditional IPL and other hair removal alternatives.


With the diode laser, a larger area can be treated at the same time compared to IPL treatment. Laser treatment is usually four times faster and much less painful than with traditional technology such as IPL, wax or electrolysis.


Diode laser hair removal is a low risk procedure that involves a minimum of discomfort. It offers integrated cooling of the skin during treatments, which greatly reduces any "pain" the client feels.

Critical Factors For Excellent Clinical Results


A) Head Size / Head Design

Intuitively the smaller the treatment head the more shots you need to fire to cover the same area (more shots means more $$$$). Consequently the smaller the head, the more likely it is that you will miss areas and the treatment will therefore be less effective. The converse is also true.

The delivery of light across the entire treatment area (especially over larger areas such as the back) is more uniform and less likely to create uneven results when using the larger treatment head. The added advantage of larger treatment heads is that their depth of penetration can be greater than that of smaller sizes.

In this case, the spot size of 808KK and 808Cute are 12*23 mm², which is the highest configuration among all the diode laser hair removal machines.

B) High Output Power

A large spot size on an underpowered machine can result in the light energy being dissipated over the large spot size resulting in ineffective treatments. If you do want a larger spot size for the reasons discussed make sure the machine you are looking at has the power to handle the larger spot size.

In the case of 808KK and 808Cute, their total power are 1200 Watts. There are 12 laser bars in the head and the power of each is 100 Watts. As a result, it can easily handle the 12*23 mm² spot size with no doubt.


C) Integrated Cooling

For a diode laser hair removal machine, the ability to cool the skin during hair reduction therapy is critical to minimizing the potential for pain, redness, burns and hyper/hypo-pigmentation. That is because the deeper the target tissue the more time it takes the heat to dissipate. As a result, if insufficient time is allowed for the heat to dissipate between shots you can very easily build up temperature with each successive shot. So much so that the laser beam that would normally not cause any adverse effects now becomes the straw that breaks the camels back. Hence the ability to cool the skin rapidly dissipates this latent heat and minimizes the chances of adverse effects due to overheating.

It also effectively dissipates the heat which in turn allows you to use higher fluences (power levels) delivered at a higher repetition rate (speed) while still maintaining comfort for the patient. The net result is more effective treatment requiring fewer visits to achieve the desired result.

By far the most effective system for cooling is Integrated Contact Cooling (ICC). While there are several ways of producing ICC it is essential that your laser machine has such a system. Any other method (such as air or chilled gel) is simply not effective.

In the case of 808KK and 808Cute, They have two Thermal Electric Cooling Module in the head. It’s able cool the head to -5 degrees during the whole treatment, no matter how fast and how many you shoot.

D) Ease of Use

Look at the machine that you are purchasing to see if the operating interface is easy to use. There are several different systems across different machines some of which are better than others. In some cases you have to input treatment parameters from tables and this can be cumbersome and make it possible for you, or your staff, to make mistakes resulting in bad clinical outcomes.

808KK and 808Cute all have a simple and professional user interface. It has a simple programming which is suitable for all operators where they simply have to enter which area they treatment and the skin type of the paitient. 808KK and 808Cute will set up the machine for treatment. You start with the default safe value and trying more effective parameters by keeping asking your patients how they feel. When found, you can simply save it and it will be even easier next time.


Critical Factors For Optimizing Your ROI

Like most other pieces of equipment for your salon, a diode laser hair removal machine represents a significant financial investment. Once you have made your decision you are likely to be stuck in an operating lease which will be extremely difficult to extricate yourself from. It is therefore extremely important that you “get it right first time.” While clinical efficacy is paramount, we are in this business to make money so when you are choosing which laser hair removal machine is right for you, the financial viability and profitability of each machine you are looking at will be a critical factor for the success or otherwise of your new laser hair removal business. In short you are looking for the “biggest bang for your buck” which in turn will give you the largest return on investment.


A) Highest Profit Per Shot

Every treatment head has a limited number of shots it can fire before it needs to be replaced. Bearing in mind that an individual treatment will attract a fixed fee it follows that the more treatments you can deliver per head, the higher your overall income will be. If you take the income generated from a handle and divide it by the total revenue for that handle and subtract the cost of the new handle you will come up with the:


The profit per shot is a key measure of the profitability of any machine (although other factors listed below are also important).

B) Equipment Optimization

Whilst the concept of the profit per shot is very important I would say the equipment optimization is equally as important. The critical factor here is TIME. The longer a treatment takes to perform the less customers you can treat in one day.


In addition, longer treatments tie up key staff and they are stuck with the laser when they could be performing other jobs. Critical factors here are:


i ) Repetition rate

The time it takes between laser beams is called the Repetition Rate. The shorter the interval between shots – the higher the repetition rate. Your profits will to a large extent depend on the repetition rate. The faster you can beam, the less time the treatment takes and therefore the more customers you can handle in a day. But a fast repetition rate without Integrated Cooling is problematic. The faster it beams the more likely laser bars and skin become overheated. If without proper cooling method, life expectancy of laser bars will be shortened and chances of adverse effects due to overheating will greatly increase.

In this case, 808KK and 808Cute very powerful Integrated Contact Cooling keeping the head icy-cold all the time which can easily handle the repetition rate of 10 Hz.

ii ) Spot size

Larger spot sizes mean less flashes for larger treatment areas such as backs. Less beams means less costs (each flash costs you money) but equally importantly less beams means less time on the job and more customers in a day! You charge the customer the same $500 for his back but with a larger spot size your cost for the treatment (the number of beams) is lower and the time taken for the treatment is less. It is a win win for your business!

In this case, 808KK and 808Cute have a big spot size of 12*23 mm², which might be the biggest among all the diode laser hair removal machines. This contributes a lot to the higher revenue per hour.

iii ) Continuous working time

Some manufacturers will give you this in their specs and others will not. It is certainly a question you should be asking when you select your diode laser hair removal machine. Smaller (lighter) machines with less cooling ability will generally have a lower continuous working time. Almost all the portable diode laser hair removal machines have a continuous working time of 2-4 whilst 808KK and 808Cute are 15-18 hours. It goes without saying that if you have a machine that requires a break after 4 hours of work it will be less profitable than a machine that can work all day without a break!

iv ) Marketing support

Obviously if a distributor provides you with marketing support your profits should increase as a result. It is a relatively small factor to consider but is definitely worth a tick when the supplier offers this free of charge.

We are able provide you with original high-definition pictures of the machine, promotional brochures and flyers, customized videos, etc. We think it does mean something if you have this demand.


v ) Training

You might be able to purchase the best laser machine for the best price from other Chinese suppliers but if the operator has not been adequately trained, your wise decision in choosing the right laser machine could be for nothing! Laser hair removal is actually a very simple procedure and you could learn the actual treatment process in very few hours and possibly go onward and upward with your new business without incident.

However that one unusual client that is treated that should not be, could ultimately cost you, not just your laser machine but your entire business. If you treat a person that should not be treated or you treat someone at too high a level and they have an adverse reaction, then they will have every right to take legal action against you and your business – and they will win!

If this did happen to you, would you still think you’ve made a good choice? We Dimyth Beauty Equipment Manufacturer will provide you with not only the basic user manual and tutorial video, but series of online training courses and 24-7 online support to help you or your stuff master laser hair removal treatment.

Critical Factors For Minimizing Profit Leakage

A) Life Expectancy of Head

For a diode laser hair removal machine, a head that can produce 80-100 million shots per head is obviously better than a head that will only produce 100,000 shots before it is replaced. The calculation is simple.

B) Cost of Replacement Heads

Obviously the cost per flash is dependent on the cost of replacing the hand piece. The cost of A new hand piece of 808KK and 808Cute is nothing compared to the profit it brings.


808KK 1200W High Quality Hair Removal Machine Specification

808KK 1200W High Quality Hair Removal Machine Specification

808Cute 1200W High Quality Hair Removal Machine Specification

808Cute 1200W High Quality Hair Removal Machine Specification

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