HONKON Super Brand Day


HONKON Super Brand Day   Date: October 19-21, 2020

Empower beauty industry globally. Leading skin laser beauty&body health into a new retailing era.

HONKON has a total of 57 series and more than 200 models of beauty machines. The brand day event aims to promote more refined series of products, enhance brand awareness, and increase product exposure.

During the super brand days, we will focus on promoting diode laser hair removal series and body management series of beauty machines. Implanting the new brand image of a body management solution provider into customers’ perceptions.

1. 808CL  https://www.honkonglobal.com/808cl-01.html

2. 808CUTE  https://www.honkonglobal.com/808cute.html

3. 808KK-03  https://www.honkonglobal.com/808kk-03.html

4. 810D-04  https://www.honkonglobal.com/810d04.html

5. 810Fiber-C  https://www.honkonglobal.com/810fiber-c.html

6. Supreme ICE-KK  https://www.honkonglobal.com/supreme-ice-kk-2.html

7. INA-D04  https://www.honkonglobal.com/ina-d04.html

8. INA-GC01  https://www.honkonglobal.com/ina-gc01.html

9. IPO-E  https://www.honkonglobal.com/ipo-e.html

10. MX-BBGC01  https://www.honkonglobal.com/mx-bbgc01.html

11. MX-GC01  https://www.honkonglobal.com/mx-gc01.html

12. MX-GM01  https://www.honkonglobal.com/mx-gm01.html

13. Slimming III+  https://www.honkonglobal.com/slimmingiii.html

14. Supreme ICE-E https://www.honkonglobal.com/supreme-ice-e.html